Who are we?

The UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies is one of the world's leading specialist institutions, and the largest national centre in the UK, for the study of Central, Eastern and South-East Europe and Russia. Over 60 academics and 150 graduate (as well as 500 undergraduate) students study and research the history, economics, politics, sociology, anthropology, culture, literature and languages of the countries of the region. More recently an interest is East European migration to London has emerged, and several academics and PhD students are working on this theme.

Sonia Arbaci
I am a lecturer in Planning and my main fields of research interest are housing and welfare, segregation and immigration. In particular, I have an interest in urban processes from the production of the built environment to urban and social changes. Southern Europe has been my subject of research for several years. Prior to becoming a Lecturer at the Bartlett in 2007, I have been a charted practitioner architect and city planner in Italy, Spain, Portugal and the United States.
Ger Duijzings
I am Reader in the Anthropology of Eastern Europe at SSEES, and did most of my research in Kosovo and Bosnia. As a cure against the gloomy nature of earlier work, I have developed an interest in East European cities and the interface between anthropology, urban planning and architecture. Last Summer I bought myself a mini-DV camera, which I used to capture my son’s ‘urban explorations’ of Prizren, one of the few places in Kosovo with a cosmopolitan feel. I hope this workshop will teach me how to use the camera properly…
Jessica Ferm
Jessica is a PhD student, teaching assistant and consultant urban planner. As one of the organisers of the Bartlett Urban Film Society, she has developed an interest in the use of visual media to explore complex urban issues and wishes to explore the scope for its use in future teaching and research.
Nikos Karadimitriou
Nikos is a Lecturer in the Bartlett and one of the organisers of the Bartlett UFS. He loves the moving image and uses films and documentaries a lot in his teaching but he is totally ignorant about what it takes to make one. Hopes to make his first steps in filmmaking during the workshop.

PocketVisions is an independent exhibitor of documentary film. It holds regular screenings and debates in London and provides access to academic and expert advice for filmmakers. PocketVisions presents the London International Documentary Festival (LIDF), as well as presenting films and discussions in New York as part of a partnership with the Margaret Mead Film and Video Festival.
Patrick Hazard
A film exhibitor, distributor, and anthropologist. My work experience combines the practical and theoretical. I am director of the London International Documentary Festival, a public forum in which to debate the social, political and economic contents of documentary film. I carry out anthropological research on migration, social and political movements, ‘history from below’, political radicalism and community.
Elena Besussi
I'm a PhD student and teaching assistant at the Bartlett. I never managed to choose between a fascination for the the visual exploration of cities and the interest in their political and economic explanation. I research the malfunctioning regulatory state structures that underpin the reproduction of urban poverty and leave the door open to the more imaginative worlds of visual story telling.

Bartlett Urban Film Society
The aim of the Urban Film Society is to explore the work of filmmakers that have depicted cities, the urban landscape and life in urban societies. It organises and hosts cinematic screenings of selected movies and documentaries and encourages reflection through the perspectives of planning, art, politics, architecture. Screenings are intended to introduce participants to a diverse, wide range of film making and film makers across the globe.