To provide an overview of documentary theory and practice, while involved in telling a contemporary London story through film. The challenge will be to see how film enriches and provides research insights, while at the same time creating new ways of experiencing that research.

Films completed during the course will be screened at the LIDF and the Canary Wharf Film festival in 2009. The films will also be made available through the course website.

Key films and key texts will be viewed and discussed. The course is experimental in nature, and aims to broaden theoretical horizons. It will provide access to the core concepts of documentary filmmaking, as well as offering an opportunity for content-rich insights from The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment, the School of East European and Slavonic Studies, as well as professional filmmakers.

Democratising film-making

The course is innovative in its ambition to explore the documentary and research possibilities of new, ‘democratising’ and affordable visual technologies (such as mobile phones and mini-DV cameras). The course will explore the importance and relevance of these technologies for filmmaking and research in urban environments.